About Us

Dear Friends & Family

Life can be tough. Many of us have faced different traumas from childhood to adulthood. We need healing. After experiencing a series of quantum field meditations (via family constellations), I let go of the past. Through tantra, I learned about being present through self-love and intimacy.

I wanted to express my newfound learning through visual messages seen through t-shirts and hoodies. Since July 2020, even despite the challenges of COVID, I was able to strengthen my ability to be present, meditate, stretch, breathe, yoga-cise, energize my spirit, and be mindful. Therefore, the concept of Mindful Inergy was born. You will notice that the letter "I" is used to spell Inergy instead of the letter "E." The reason is that "I" is a reminder for you and me to be centered from within ourselves. The I reminds us to be focused on ourselves through self-love. We must focus on the journey from within. If I want change, then it begins with me. I must look within myself in the first person. "I" is also connected to our Intuition, Intimacy, and our "third eye (I)!

Lastly, know that the idea behind my slogan "I Let Go of Ego" is to encourage movement from 3D consciousness to 5D consciousness. Letting go of our EGO is essential in our ascension of mind rules to heart rules; low energy to high energy; and logical to intuitive thoughts. Therefore, when you read my slogan, you are thus reminding yourself to let go of your ego.

Thank you for visiting my webpage. I hope that you find the products of value and purchase some items.